The East West Shiatsu School Scotland is not currently offering any training (January 2018).
East West Shiatsu School Scotland, the advanced training facility of The Shiatsu School Edinburgh and The Glasgow School of Shiatsu, offers professional Shiatsu training (years 2 and 3) in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. (See also Year 1 Training in Glasgow and Edinburgh).

We provide high-quality Shiatsu bodywork training to anyone interested in:

  • becoming a Shiatsu practitioner
  • self-development through Shiatsu
All our teachers are professional Shiatsu Practitioners and recognised teachers. They include Elaine Liechti, Tamsin Grainger, Cynthia Shuken, Liz Bibby, and Laura Naismith.

Classes will be run in Scotland, in Edinburgh at Santosa and in Glasgow at Kagyu Samye Dzong Glasgow.

We are always happy to speak to prospective students or answer any questions by phone on 07821 264 882 (Tamsin) or 01505 682889 (Elaine), and email.