Post Graduate Training

 Tensegrity, Fascia and Myo-Fascial Meridians

Movement Shiatsu
Movement Shiatsu

A post-graduate residential weekend workshop with Bill Palmer and Teresa Hadland

7 – 9 April 2017

Friday 6pm (dinner) and 8 – 10pm (course), Saturday (all day includes breakfast, lunch and dinner), and Sunday (includes breakfast and lunch) until 4/4.30pm.

Bill Palmer
Bill Palmer

A workshop of Movement, Bodywork and Experiential Anatomy to explore how the fascia and connective tissues give a sense of integrity both physically and emotionally. These tissues connect everything together and give a sense of elasticity and wholeness to the body. We will show how to contact the fascia through specific qualities of touch, how to feel and develop the elasticity of the fascia in oneself and how to use that sensation to find a sense of physical coordination and ease in movement.

Teresa Hadland
Teresa Hadland

Bill Palmer’s research with infant development has shown that the classical meridians show the way in which babies learn to move by connecting different body parts. As adults we find other ways of moving, particularly using spirals and movements that cross the midline. These pathways of connection are embodied in the muscles and fascia, forming ‘personal meridians’ different to the innate ones. The workshop will show how to work with these myo-fascial meridians and help clients to be aware of their unique way of moving and being.

At Eastwood House, Dunkeld, Perthshire

A beautifully restored Victorian villa sitting in a stunning location on the banks of the River Tay about half a mile from Dunkeld in Perthshire
Double, twin, and group rooms on the first floor

Shared accommodation in beautiful rooms, with delicious and nutritious food from Divine Dining (Maria Hawkins)

Healthy and yummy meals and snacks

Cost: £300 all inclusive, payable in advance to secure your place on this highly popular workshop

The stunning River Tay in Spring

To book, please fill out an application form (add word doc to download ) and return it to East West Shiatsu School Scotland

There is more information about Movement Shiatsu here


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